International Light Tackle Tournament
June 26-30, 2020 | 53rd Annual
Presented by Bermuda Anglers Club

2018 Results

Overall Winners

High Point JuniorJak Froud
High Point LadyTracy Jackson
Most Released Fish by a TeamBait and Catch
Most Billfish Released by a TeamMarlin Madness
DuVal High Point Fish AwardLester Petracca

High Point Team

High Point TeamBait and Catch
Thad Crouch, Mark Henneberger, Kip Froud , Jak Froud
Second Place TeamMarlin Madness
Lester Petracca, Danny Fox, Vinny Delgado and Andy Perreira
Third Place TeamPelagic Players
Niel Jones and Craig MacIntyre

High Point Rod

High Point Angler Lester Petracca
Second Place AnglerMark Henneberger
Third Place AnglerTracy Jackson